Welcome to my portfolio site

Below you will find a summary of my objectives, skills, and experience. Visit the Resume section to view my resume (a pdf version is available for download). You can find samples of my work in the Portfolio section.


* Contract, project-term or consulting positions in the New York metro area, or via telecommute.
* Challenging web site development projects.
* Android and iOS development that utilizes data mining, intuitive interfaces and social media.
* Web development using HTML/XML, CSS, PHP, JSP, Perl, Linux, Ruby, Python and JavaScript technologies.
* Member of collaborative, enthusiastic, and multi-disciplinary team.
* Stimulating, innovative, informal and fun work environment.
* Opportunities for on-going professional education.

Skills and Experience

* Extensive knowledge of MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS Access, SQL Server and Filemaker.
* Advanced web site user interface design.
* Cross-platform web site compatibility testing on Macintosh/Windows/Unix.
* Android, Kotlin, Java, iOS, JSON, HTML, PHP, Python, JavaScript, XML, and JSP development skills.
* Web and Mobile Database Design.
* Extensive knowledge of Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server
* Extensive knowledge of Red Hat Enterprise, Ubuntu, CentOS, Suse, and Debian Linux distributions
* Familiarity with Windows 7 / Windows 10
* Strong leadership, interpersonal, and conflict-resolution skills.
* Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
* Innovative, dynamic, detail-oriented.

Software (Skill Level 1: basic and 5: advanced)


Skill Level

Android 5
Flutter 4
iOS 3
Java 5
Kotlin 3
Python 3
Bash 4
Git 4
PostgreSQL 5
DynamoDB 3
Javascript 5
Apache 5