WebDAV Breaks After Installing WordPress

If you are using WebDAV with WordPress then most likely the WordPress .htaccess file will break the WebDAV configuration. One basic work around for this is to turn off the Apache Rewrite Engine for the directories that you want to enable WebDAV for. # cd into a directory within your html root where you want to enable WebDAV $ cd […]

Centos New MySQL Package Names and PHP/MySQL conflicts

I’m noticing in my version of Centos on AWS that there are new package names for the installation of mysql: yum install MySQL-client-community MySQL-devel-community MySQL-server-community In addition there is a conflict in getting php to work with mysql. Install the MySQL-shared-compat-5.1.47-1.rhel4.i386.rpm, it resolves the need for the old mysql lib dependencies for php-mysql, install first this rpm and after this, […]