So I couldn’t login into the admin area of my WordPress site last night.  Every attempt to login created an apache redirection loop.  I went through some basic checks, such as checking the site url in the relevant database options, maybe it changed somehow? Maybe it was cookies? I deleted and flushed through the standard list of things.

Then I removed all plugins and tried logging in.  Sure enough I was able to login again.  However I needed to enable each plugin one by one in order to find the culprit.  I narrowed it down to the Login Lock plugin:


Seems the plugin is no longer supported and will break your admin login at the same time!  From their site all that appears is some bear text.


We no longer provide free support for WordPress security issues.

Reason? Demand was high and donations were nearly non-existance. If you came here looking for support for the Login Lock plugin, we no longer support it.

If you’re locked out of your site and want to deactivate the plugin, FTP to your site, navigate to the wp-content/plugins directory, and rename the login lock directory to something else.

That will cause WordPress to automatically deactivate the plugin

So if you have been using this plugin, trying removing it entirely from wordpress, login… and then move it back in to delete again. Otherwise you may not be able to login.

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