I’m putting together a bunch of bash scripts that I use while developing Android apps with Android Studio. This first script will iterate through each relevant line that is outputted from the adb devices command. So if multiple devices are connected to adb, then all are listed. I’m using the -e argument with grep to search for the patterns that […]

Android Studio 2.3 Issues With Databinding

I recently updated to Android Studio 2.3 which now includes gradle plugin 3.3. After upgrading I tried compiling and ran into issues with one of the classes that had data binding implemented. I came across data binding errors that looked like: error: package com.myproject.com.databinding does not exist Through some research I was able to get the error resolved by adding […]

Bash Script For Determining ETA for .tar.gz compression

Here’s a basic bash script that will determine the estimated time it will take to compress a directory using .tar.gz. NOTE: If you have a basic linux installation then you will need to install the pv utility for monitoring piped data. # install on fedora/centos $: yum install pv # install on ubuntu/debian $: apt-get install pv It will show […]

I ordered my Nexus 5 directly from Google last Thursday. I knew I would be checking shipping detail updates constantly. I was horrified to learn that my order would not ship until this Monday. Thankfully the ground shipping got the phone to my house by Wednesday, while I kept on hitting refresh on the UPS tracking site to get constant […]

Configuring Vim on Mac OS X

All configuration options for vim are stored in the user’s home directory in a file named .vimrc The script code is below but there are somethings you’ll want to do before setting it up. You’ll need to create directories for the following: backups, colors, swaps and undo. Execute this command to set up the directories in the terminal ( The […]

Mount Remote Volume With SSH On Mountain Lion

I needed a way to a way to mount a php project on a LAMP stack running Ubuntu in vmware. I didn’t want to jump through the hoops of setting up WebDav, so I found a way to mount the volume using ssh. Here’s a great article that guides you through the process. Getting the ssh mount to work on […]

Hi, So I couldn’t login into the admin area of my WordPress site last night.  Every attempt to login created an apache redirection loop.  I went through some basic checks, such as checking the site url in the relevant database options, maybe it changed somehow? Maybe it was cookies? I deleted and flushed through the standard list of things. Then […]

CT News Junkie | CT Launches 4 Startup Hubs

Entrepreneurs like being around other entrepreneurs. At least, that’s the idea behind the creation of four startup hubs that opened at the end of last month. “We’ve learned that entrepreneurs want to be in places with the best networks – be they technical, financial or social – which enable them to explore and test great ideas and to find the […]

HTC Radio Interface Resource Shortage

I get many errors while trying to send text messages through my HTC EVO with Virgin Mobile as the provider. I would get error messages stating radio interface resource shortage. I found this tutorial that provides a fix. So far I’ve been able to send out text messages after the updates. View at youtube or watch below.

Android: Stackoverflow Image Lazyload Examples

Image Lazy Load article for Android. This posts lists good examples for loading images more efficiently in Listviews.